The End-user Advisory Board (EAB) is the primary instrument for ensuring that project’s deliverables are high-quality and relevant for the end-users. The EAB is formed by stakeholders (e.g. local citizens groups, civil protection practitioners, as well as experts that can influence the formation of civil security policy today and in the future. EAB members will be invited to project meetings as appropriate, to provide both inputs and feedback about progress of work. EAB also participates to project activities.

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Download EAB Meeting – May 2014, Helsinki

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Download EAB Meeting – September 2015, Helsinki


Ole Arrhenius
Senior Marketing Manager
Airbus Defence and Space
Security and communication industry
Critical communication (TETRA)
Public safety communications (Nokia PMR-EADS-Cassidian-Airbus Defence and Space)
Marketing mission critical communications
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risto Risto Ojanperä
Vice President
Elisa Corporation
Business security consulting
Corporate customers
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claudio garlatti Claudio Garlatti
Technical director
Civil Protection – Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Emergency and crisis management
First aid coordination
Forecast and prevention activity
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hillpa Hilppa Gregow
Unit head
Finnish Meteorological Institute – Climate Service Centre
Statistical and meteorological analyses of extra-tropical storms
Silvicultural weather risks
Climate change impact analyses in Europe
Long range forecasting of Baltic Sea Ice conditions
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aapo cederberg Aapo Cederberg
Senior Programme Advisor – Emerging Security Challenges Programme
Geneva Centre for Security Policy
Defence and Strategic Planning
Security and Co-operation
National Defence
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davide poletto Davide Poletto
Programme Officer, Sciences
UNESCO Venice office
Enhance capacity building on sustainability
Governance in the fields of Energy and Risk
EU Science-based project developement
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olavielo Olavi Elo
Senior Advisor
Emergency preparedness and response
Natural disasters reduction
Public health
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pieter Pieter Groenemeijer
European Severe Storms Laboratory
Impact of the weather phenomena
Research on extreme weather
Operating the European Severe Weather Database – ESWD
Organizing the European Conferences on Severe Storms – ECSS
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lennart Lennart Liljeroth
Senior Officer
Greater Gothenburg fire and Rescue Services
Chief of Operations Readiness
Operational IT development
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sterla Simone Sterlacchini
National Research Council of Italy
Institute for the Dynamic of Environmental Processes

Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI)
Risk Analysis
Geographic Information System
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