Task F – Production of training curricula


The objective of this task is the creation of training strategies for citizens and volunteers that are interested in being involved in the long term disaster prevention strategy. Such strategy involves them as actors of territory monitoring through the use of MAppERS-C and MAppERS-V modules. These courses provide training both on identification of physical elements of risk and on the use of the smartphone application device within the general information sharing and prevention framework. As the trainings are to take place after the project ends this task only prepares the tools for organising the courses and to enable trainees to perform a self-assessment and the training institutions to review curricula if needed.

MAppERS will create and distribute through its web site ad hoc videos, as online visual training guide assembled by all partners responsible for a specific action. Video design and content standard structure will be agreed upon by partners and EAB at the project beginning.


  • Identification of objectives of training;
  • Identification of trainers and coaches;
  • Production of training curricula and translations;
  • Setup of Self Evaluation Module.



  • Training curricula;
  • Objectives of training;
  • Identification of trainers;
  • Self Evaluation Module.