Task B – Building on preliminary research


The main objective of this task is designing the theoretical basis to implement following practical tasks, identifying already existing sources of data/policies/technologies to be implemented and/or improved, avoiding replication, in a cost-effective manner. Also, this task aims at identifying best practices in terms of communication codes that would be easy to use and understand both for citizens and operators. Particularly, a compulsory goal is the identification of gaps and issues on information sharing and mobile technology for disaster management as well as economic, environmental, human and social impacts of emergencies in the countries involved in the project. This is done through the review of other European projects, past and on-going, through review of literature and case studies identified as relevant with informed interviewees.


  • Desk-based investigation on economic/environmental/social consequences of disaster impacts and costs of prevention strategies in pilot countries;
  • Scientific literature review and desk based research on projects concerning prevention;
  • Research on state-of-the-art of database management systems (DBMS) in pilot countries and involvement of volunteers/citizens in data collection/monitoring;
  • Desk-based research on communication methods/graphic solutions.


  • SWOT analysis;
  • Workshop with end-users;
  • Prevention strategies/costs database;
  • Report on the state-of-the-art;
  • Database management system (DBMS) state-of-the-art.