Task E – Pilot testing


The objective of the action isthea pilot testing of the application prototype with citizens and volunteers to get a continuous feedback to improve the knowledge capacity and usefulness of modules designed in the smartphone application (Task C). During this Task, some smartphones will be distributed among part of citizens and volunteers pilot groups. The smartphones will be iOS phones and tablets (IPhone and IPad) and Android phones and tablets in which MAppERS applications have been developed. In order to protect against potential theft of the applications,standard procedures will be deployed in those devices, i.e. file compression, protection against reverse-engineering (obfuscating), asymmetrical keys, licensing, and providing trial versions to the users. Finally, the task aims to test the centralised database use by simulating practitioners’ real-time exploitation of the modules.


  • Pilot testing of MAppERS-C prototype;
  • Optimization of MAppERS-C;
  • Pilot testing of MAppERS-V prototype;
  • Optimization of MAppERS-V;
  • Test and optimization of the central database application;
  • Comparative analysis of pilot outcomes in different countries.


  • Database application and GUI (Graphic User Interface);
  • Software application;
  • Software upgrade;
  • Comparative analysis of pilot outcomes.